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The spirituality of the Mi’kmaq is very old. It dates back thousands of years and has a deep connection to the land. Like much of Mi’kmaq culture, the beliefs and practices about spirituality are passed from one generation to the next by the stories and teachings of the Elders. The Mi’kmaq believe that a great spirit called Kisu’lk (“the Creator” made the universe and everyone and everything in it. They also believe that all things—plants, animals, people, and Mother Earth herself—have

the Creator’s spirit in them and must be respected. And because everything on Earth is connected, no part should be exploited or abused. Each part must work in harmony with the rest.

The eagle is the only creature that is said to have touched the face of the Great Spirit. Because of this, the eagle is highly respected and honoured. It represents the way through which Native people can feel the Great Spirit’s presence among them. Those who own or carry a feather or claw of an eagle are also highly respected. The eagle feather is also very important in any talking or healing circle. It is used as a powerful symbol in many cultural activities and ceremonies. To be presented with an eagle feather is the highest honour a Mi’kmaq can receive. Such an honour is only given to someone who has contributed unselfishly to the betterment of his or her community.






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