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The Mi'kmaq are Native American people, indigenous to north-eastern New England, Canada's Atlantic Provinces, and the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec. The Mi'kmaq were allies with the French and were amenable to limited French settlement in their midst. After France lost political control of Acadia in 1710, the Mi'kmaq soon found themselves overwhelmed by British who seized much of the land without payment and, in 1755, deported the French. Between 1725 and 1779, the Mi'kmaq signed a series of peace and friendship treaties with Great Britain, but none of these were land cession treaties.

The nation historically consisted of seven districts (a very important number for the Mi’kmaq belief), which was later expanded to eight with the ceremonial addition of Great Britain at the time of the 1749 treaty. Several other treaties were signed, but the most important one from 1752 is still being celebrated today. This was the time when the English, the French and the Mi’kmaq officially came together for the first time.


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